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The Grand Debut

Christmas Forever presented by Pratt Brothers Entermazement made its Grand Debut on November 27, 2015.

This exciting night was attended by close family, friends, and fellow neighbors. The show had a total of 10,000 lights dancing to synchronized music. Bright colors illuminated the walls with Christmas magic. Positioned high in the middle of our show was our centerpiece:

The It’s a Small World clock face.

While we were extremely proud of the show, we had more extensive ideas in mind for the future. As the season came to a close, it was back to the drawing board to develop new designs, concepts, and innovations.

It was time to grow larger and brighter!



One Step At A Time


In 2016, Christmas Forever went through many renovations and enhancements. We had a new location, resulting in massive changes to the overall concept of the show.


A larger-than-life, 25-foot-wide gingerbread house was built as the main focus of the display. The It’s a Small World clock face became motorized. An additional 40,000 lights complemented the yard, bringing our total to 50,000 lights.


Finally, we proudly debuted fire machines to audiences in Arizona. Not only was this a first for Christmas Forever, but it was a first for any residential Christmas light display across the state of Arizona. The fire machines were an immediate success and became our staple within the Christmas community.

2016's show initiated the theme of Christmas Forever that exists today.



Bring On The Heat!

As the Christmas season in 2017 approached, we kept the heat coming! Two additional fire machines were added to the show, making a total of four. This addition was instantly met with praise and excitement from guests of all ages.

In addition to two fire machines, 70,000 lights were added, now making a grand total of 110,000 lights. Crisp video projection mapping was added to enhance the magical feeling of Christmas. New wood cutouts were added to the yard, adding to our already extensive collection.

2017 solidified Christmas Forever as an up and coming display within the state of Arizona!



Details, details, details!

If there is one word to sum up 2018, it would be “details”.

The 25-foot wide gingerbread house was dressed up in sparkling candies and gumdrops. Five industrial bubble machines were also added to help the guests overall experience.

More wood cutouts and animated light props were added to the display. A brand new integrative gingerbread treat stand was added to create a unique experience for any guest who was interested in FREE hot chocolate and cookies.

By the end of 2018, we were ready to upgrade again.

But this time…bigger and better than ever before...



The Biggest Christmas Celebration to hit Arizona

2019 marked our 5th year Anniversary of Christmas Forever. Being our most extensive upgrade to date, our display expanded from 40 feet to over 110 feet in total. An additional 50 feet was added our gingerbread house, increasing it to 75 feet in length. Over 30 life size peppermints bedazzled the front.

Two fog jets were added to blast upward from the gingerbread house, along with two additional fire machines, The It’s a Small World clock face was redesigned and covered in 24 karat gold leaf.

To top it off, we proudly debuted a 16-foot pyrotechnic spark machine.

Not only was this a first for Christmas Forever, but it was a first for any residential Christmas light display across the state of Arizona.

2019 made us a household name for Christmas lights in Arizona.



Hello, America!

Our 2020 upgrade put our show in headlines, both locally and nationally. We re-designed our entire 75-foot Gingerbread house by placing whimsical accents and rooftops. We gave our display a whole new meaning of depth by adding fun elements to the roof and lighting palm trees that reach up to 60 feet high.

We were incredibly humbled to be featured on Phoenix New Times' cover and awarded "Best Holiday Light Display."

Midway through the season, we were honored to be interviewed live on Good Morning America where we presented Christmas Forever to the nation. The outpour of Christmas spirit truly followed as we had more guests attend more than ever before, with some nights reaching an over-capacity of 5,000+ people.

Christmas Forever AZ 2020.jpg


Sweet Street

In 2021, we were proud to debut our brand new ride-on attraction, Sweet Street! Throughout the ride, guests would hop on their very own Sweet-Mobile as they traveled through the wonderful world of candy. These areas included Lollipop Lane, Marshmallow Way, and Peppermint Place.

Each area had it's own unique scent that corresponded to the theme, along with props, color coordinated lights, and characters.


 This attraction was instantly met with praise and became a guest favorite and has future plans to expand into more yummy and delicious areas! Be sure to bring your sweet-tooth!

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