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Where/How do I park?

We ask that you be courteous to our fellow neighbors when parking your vehicles. Please do not litter, block any driveways, or park in a manner that would disrupt regular traffic flow. We also ask that you do not stop your vehicle in front of the display as traffic gets congested very quickly. We highly encourage all guests to park their vehicles down the street and walk up to the show to experience the magic to its fullest extent. Lastly, please be mindful of pedestrians. We appreciate your cooperation!

Do I need to purchase tickets?

Nope! Christmas Forever is absolutely free to the public. There is no cost of admission whatsoever.

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What time does the show begin?

Please message us for the most recent updates and status of Christmas Forever show times and dates. You can send us a message through our Contact page or you can email us directly at

How long is the show?

Christmas Forever is a combination of multiple classic Christmas and Disney songs. The entire show is around 30 minutes long. After 30 minutes, the show will automatically restart and play until the closing time listed for that night.

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I made the drive out, but the show got canceled... Why?

We apologize for the inconvenience. In accordance with the Scottsdale Police Department and city officials, we are committed to keeping everyone safe. Due to popularity, Christmas Forever occasionally sees overwhelming crowds that exceed our residential street's capacity. To ensure the safety of all guests, Christmas Forever may have to close on a moment's notice. As a residential home, guest safety will always be our top priority. Please always contact us before driving out, as we will always provide you with the most recent updates and status of the show. We appreciate your understanding and support. We hope that you will come back when the magic is in full swing!

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