Kyle & Sammy Pratt were born and raised in Scottsdale, Arizona. Brought up in a family of four children, Kyle & Sammy have always had a unique bond by sharing the same passion for entertainment. Growing up in a family involved heavily in the entertainment industry, they’ve always been driven and eager to follow the same path.

Having been to the Disney parks every year of their lives, they’ve taken great inspiration and influence back home.

Over the years, they have gained valuable insight on how magic is created from current Disney executives and Disney Legends who worked directly with Walt Disney himself. Kyle & Sammy believed that they could bring that magical knowledge and insight back home by creating the biggest Christmas celebration in Arizona, Christmas Forever.


Both are currently attending college in order to pursue their dream of having a career at The Walt Disney Company.

Disney Legend - Bob Gurr

Disney Legend - Rolly Crump


The creative process is split up evenly between the two brothers.

Sammy (Right) is responsible for hardware and physical design. This includes building all of the set pieces, electrical wiring, prop design and safety equipment.

Kyle (Left) is responsible for software and visual design. This includes programming all the lights, music, sounds and visual effects.

When these two areas of expertise come together, a magical fusion is formed and creates the nighttime spectacular known as Christmas Forever.

Founded in 2015, Pratt Brothers Entermazment is an Arizona entertainment company specializing in nighttime spectaculars. We have built the company off of the strive to entertain families across the state of Arizona in a unique and magical way.

In 2016, we coined the term “Entermazement”.


In simplistic terms, Entermazement is the innovative fusion of entertainment and amazement. It is a mandatory standard to be met while captivating your audience and capturing their full undivided attention.


Entermazement is a combination that leaves audiences exhilarated and sparks the sense of wonder and imagination that lives inside of all of us.

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